Continuing from my previous post, here is part two of my artworks from the recent group exhibition Water Lines

The Messenger

The Messenger - pen and ink - Annette Abolins 2015
The Messenger – Pen & ink – Annette Abolins 2015

Vikings used to bring Ravens on their voyages to help them navigate. Large and black, these non migrating birds were easy to see once released and soaring high into the air. If they spotted land, they would fly towards the distant shore and the Vikings would steer the ship in the same direction. If there was no land in sight, the ravens would return to the ship … With The Messenger I wanted to show both the wisdom of the Raven and the sense of hope brought by seeing new land on the horizon.

Raven - detail from The Messenger - Annette Abolins
Detail - pen and ink drawing Annette Abolins
Detail from ‘The Messenger’ – Annette Abolins


Setting Sail

Setting Sail - pen and ink - Annette Abolins 2015
Setting Sail – Pen & ink – Annette Abolins 2015

The beginning of a sea voyage holds the promise of adventure. There are winds to come, fresh air to breathe and waves to carry the ship forward. Heading towards Sydney Harbour Bridge, with the heads and the majestic Pacific Ocean beyond is, to me, a recipe for absolute delight :)

Detail - Setting Sail - Annette Abolins 2015
Detail from ‘Setting Sail’ 


Seeking Refuge

Seeking Refuge - Pen and ink - Annette Abolins 2015
Seeking Refuge – Pen & ink – Annette Abolins 2015

My grandmother Nina was a refugee during WWII. She and my father (barely 9 months old) fled their homeland with no belongings in a small fishing boat, with an uncertain future on the horizon. While the sea was indeed rough, it carried them to safer waters and tentative new beginnings. Their experience brings home the plight of the many refugees today, and the importance of providing humanitarian solutions and shelter for those in need.

Detail pen and ink drawing - Annette Abolins 2015
Detail - Seeking Refuge - Annette Abolins 2015
Detail from ‘Seeking Refuge’

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Art to me, is as much about understanding life and its mysteries, as it is about telling stories to connect with the world ...

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    Beautiful drawings. Love the raven. There are images of that wonderful anticipation of land in the film Kon-Tiki (seabirds though – no ravens).

    1. Annette

      Thank you so much – and I am looking forward to watching Kon-Tiki (even more now) :)

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