Cartoon update #3

In my last post, our avid news addict took some time out from his all-consuming news feeds to enjoy a few relaxing activities (to be honest, he would prefer to be known as: ‘multi-tasking cartoon hero’) … While he still enjoys keeping up with the news, he has been spotted going for walks almost every day and I’ve even heard reports of loud music coming from his window, so something must be working. Today, it’s time to gently coax the bunker dude and escape artist on a short ‘reality’ holiday, where they will (hopefully) enjoy the activities hand-picked, especially for them.

Avoid going completely off the grid…

cartoon drawing of bunker down strategist peeping out from stack of toilet rollsWhile keeping safe is important, some might find that they are perhaps a littleĀ too good at implementing safety measures… to the point where they are at risk of becoming cut-off from everything and everyone around them. If you find yourself relating to our bunker dude, perhaps join him in some of the activities below:

cartoon strip with tips for those at risk of going off the grid
Full page cartoon strip with activities especially chosen for those in bunker mode.
cartoon character making a duckpond from his helmet
Use your skills to make something that will make someone else happy :)
cartoon character in bunker mode looking up hoaxes on laptop
Even the most diligent survivalist can be unintentionally misled from time to time…
cartoon character making a covert call via radio
Making contact with the outside world can help put things in perspective…
cartoon drawing of a guy doing chin-ups between two trees
Combatting bunker-mode by keeping fit in the fresh outdoors…

Time for a mind & body workout!

escapism binge-fest cartoon late night watching shows avoiding the news - by Abolina Art
If you (like I) have a tendency to binge-watch captivating shows, where any real world news escapes by completely unnoticed (especially as every episode ends on a cliff-hanger!) Try giving your screen-eyes a rest with these practical, resourceful and creative activities, designed to kick-start your imagination and invigorate your body.

Cartoon strip with tips for the binge-fest addict
Full page cartoon strip with tips for the binge-watching escape artist.
Cartoon character and bear doing Yoga
Regular exercise is great for body, mind and soul…
cartoon character baking bread
Bake some bread so you have something to eat for your next binge-session :)
cartoon character busy with drawing, writing and craft projects
Few things can match the joy of creativity!
cartoon character on the phone with cat looking through the window
Remember to keep in touch… Sometimes a little chat can make your day!

Coming up next time… a look at how our personality might explain why we cope with social isolation in different ways…

Annette :)