My latest card in the tarot series is The Sun; traditionally this card often has the sun clearly depicted in the centre of the card, with other elements in the foreground (faces, people, or a young boy riding a pony/horse) – I have deviated from this ever so slightly (having the sun represented by the girl), though the symbolic meaning is still the same: Positive creative energy, completion, joy, warmth and peace… all round a pretty happy card:

The Sun – coloured version (work in progress)

I also finished colouring/painting a few pen & ink illustrations from my sketchbook – I posted the drawing of my sun playing on the computer a while back, hoping to finish the coloured version sooner – I have included the drawing for reference to save going back through posts :) Even though the angle isn’t the most interesting (drawing someone from behind), Ben sat still long enough for me to draw him, and I quite enjoyed both drawing and painting this one. The other one is more of a doodle – a guitar, some dangling feet and a quick sketch from a photo of Jimi Hendrix. I don’t think this one is overly great, it is just a doodle… :)

Original drawings scanned from sketchbook
Ben at the computer

Thanks for visiting and take care
Annette :)

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  1. Lost in Space

    Great drawings. Loved your tarot card, and I did like the finished drawing of Benjamin – but, oops, sun/son.

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