Cartoon update #2

What began as a few quick sketches, reflecting on the current state of the world… keeps growing with a pretty constant flow of inspiration. Safe to say, my little cartoon project is keeping me busy at the moment. Despite taking a slightly humorous approach, the characters in these cartoons are in no way attempting to make ‘light’ of the serious challenges ahead, they simply wish to offer reassurance, inspire reflection and maybe help you smile in the face of adversity.

The pandemic sweeping across the world is both serious and overwhelming, the way so many people are affected (whether battling the disease, living with restrictions, or grappling with loss of income). We all have different coping strategies… what we do to create a sense of ‘normality’ in times that are anything but (normal). With necessity said to be the mother of invention… I’d like to believe that a challenge as big as a world pandemic is capable of inspiring positive change for us all.

Too much COVID-19 News?

Information overload cartoon

Following on from my last post, this article explores a few tips on managing information overload. If you find yourself glued to 24/7 news channels, stressing over predictions, stats and alarming reports… it’s high time to schedule a few breaks before your brain goes into meltdown mode. Following the news can be useful and sometimes even necessary, however, there is such a thing as ‘too much’….

Prevent a Meltdown.. Minimise Stress…. Feel better!

Find out what activities and relaxation ideas our news addicted cartoon character has come up with below… If an activity appeals to you, you are most welcome to join in the fun! It is not necessary to be a news addict, or suffer from ‘information overload’ to enjoy the positive benefits of healthy balance and variety in your daily routine.

Cartoon strip showing tips for managing news addiction during COVID-19
Full page cartoon strip showing tips for managing information overload during COVID-19.

A Closer Look…

As I’m still figuring out how to put these cartoons together (one option being a landscape comic ‘book’, the other option being to somehow arrange each individual story), the tips for managing news overload can be explored in more detail below:

Manage information overload by going for a walk
Take a break from your COVID-19 news feeds and enjoy the benefits of going for a walk in the fresh air.
Cartoon character taking a bath
Take a relaxing bath to help relieve symptoms of information overload.
Cartoon character dancing to music
Music and dancing can be the perfect distraction from news addiction acquired during COVID-19
Cartoon character phoning mum
Calling mum is always a good idea ;) A happy chat can also give your mind a much needed rest from stressful news topics.


Coming up next… a few tips on combatting ‘Bunker Mode’…

Annette :)