Web Design

Combining graphic design & visual inspiration with technical skills, I create custom-built websites to tell each client’s story. Graphic design (layout, typography, image editing & illustration) focusses on the clarity of a message and ways to convey information in an interesting way. Where ‘what you see’, along with functionality and performance is achieved through coding (html, css, php, js). In the beginning (over a decade ago), I designed and build websites from scratch, each a stand-alone xhtml/php/css structure. Those early years were a fabulous learning curve, enabling me to smoothly transition to designing on the WordPress platform, which provides enhanced security, flexibility, and a more user-friendly approach (such as the admin user interface for editing content,¬†media etc).¬†

Each website is highly customised to create a look and feel that matches the end-user’s needs and ideas, where the variety and possibilities are endless from online portfolios, business portals to news and ecommerce sites.