Web Design

I combine graphic design, visual inspiration and technical skills to create custom-built websites driven by client vision, branding and message. The main aspect of Graphic design (layout, typography, image editing & illustration) is to give a message clarity and focus, and convey information in a visually interesting way. Technical skills and coding (html, css, php, js) are at the core of achieving the desired results in everything from layout, to functionality and performance. When I first delved into web-design, I learnt to design and build websites from the ground up using a stand-alone xhtml/php/css structure. On paper code and design may appear worlds apart, yet…  the space between these two worlds is where ideas become visual concepts, a fascination which excites me to this day. Currently, I design most websites on the WordPress platform, where security, performance, flexibility and a user-friendly CMS (the admin user interface for editing content, media etc) allows the completed site to grow and change with the client’s needs.