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I’m Annette – an artist, illustrator and designer, living and working on the East coast of Australia. My artworks and creative projects span across traditional and digital media: inspired by people, colour and life.

To me, art is as much about understanding life and the world around me, as it is about telling stories and making connections.

She sleeps on a humpback whale, carried through the ocean
Drawing the masters

A collection of my sketches and drawings from studying the old masters

A collection of my sketches and drawings from studying the old masters (Caravaggio, Gentileschi, Rubens, Raffaello, da Vinci...).

Portrait sketches
thumbnail sketches of heads
Thumbnail sketches for the '50 Heads' drawing project
4 head studies
portrait drawings after the masters
Studies of heads and faces after the Masters
5 Head studies
5 portraits after master artsits
5 Head studies looking at the old masters
Hand Studies
drawings of hands using a variety of media
Hand studies completed in a variety of art media
Torso Studies
torso drawings after the masters
Figure drawings after the masters - a study in Torsos
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From there to here…

I have been drawing and painting for as long as I can remember; a visual thinker with a wild imagination, I’ve always sought to explore and portray visual stories. During my art school years, I studied a wide variety of art forms (drawing, painting, screen-printing, print-making, photography, ceramics, design…) each technique contributing valuable inspiration, which I continue to draw on to this day.

After graduating from the National Art School (Australia), I set up my own studio, while working in potteries, doing markets, consignments and exhibitions. A decade teaching ceramics and drawing (at Designhuset and Newcastle Art School) granted me the opportunity to deeper engage in and communicate art-making processes, techniques and materials… overtime expanding to my immersion in the world of graphic design, digital art and web design.

Art Media and Expression

Traditional art-making influences all my creative projects. Drawn to tactile processes (ink on paper, paints, layering and mixing media, sculpting…), I use pen & ink as the foundation in pretty much all my work. To me, combining traditional and digital techniques provides perspective and the freedom to explore, where I enjoy moving seamlessly between tools.

Digital painting involves a painstaking process of detail-work, depth and colour; inspiring a kind of ‘zen-like’ state, where the finished result is brought to life from the essence of the artwork ‘idea’ expanded with colour and texture. My current work in graphic & web-design draws inspiration from a multitude of visual techniques, where there is space for traditional art projects to grow.

Art Media: A Creative Journey
Ceramic Workshop
Studio space working in clay
Workshop photos from my ceramics years
Market photos selling ceramics
A Decade at Markets in Sydney & the Central Coast
Ceramic Artworks
Collage of ceramic artworks by Annette Abolins
Collection of Ceramic Artworks
Group exhibitions on the Central Coast and Newcastle
Photos from group exhibitions over the years
Painting and Drawing Studio
Collage of photos from painting and drawing studio
The ever-changing workspace for painting and drawing
Paintings & Drawings
collage of paintings and drawings by Annette Abolins
Painted works on Canvas and Screen
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Creative Projects

Portfolio Galleries include examples of my artworks spanning traditional and digital media along with web and graphic design projects. If you have a project or consignment you would like me to collaborate with you on, please get in touch.

Do you sell art?

Yes, absolutely! Illustrated card decks, prints and original jewellery are available to purchase from Nine Lives Art, my online store, where I’m always adding new creations.

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Drawing Inspirations…