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I’m Annette – an artist, illustrator and designer, living and working on the East coast of Australia. On this site you will find examples of my work, spanning across traditional and digital media.

To me, art is as much about understanding life and the world around me, as it is about telling stories and making connections.

a little introduction …

I studied fine arts and ceramics at the National Art School (Australia), and art colleges in Sweden. After graduating I worked in potteries and over time set up my studio, while teaching at Newcastle Art School and exhibiting regularly. Gradually, my work shifted back to painting and drawing expanding to digital painting and design. In more recent years, I have been working in graphic & web-design, while finding time to explore my passion for illustrating tarot and playing cards.

This website began it’s humble life back in 2006, when I was brand new to web-design and immersed in learning how to make things display the way I wanted them to on a page. Over the years, the site (which originally served as a web-design learning ‘sandbox’ and a space to document my art projects through notes and images) has continued to evolve, keeping an organic pace with my direction in life, art and work.

Working as a professional artist continues to shape my direction on the ever-winding path of creating art. Alongside regular exhibitions, I illustrate cards and work on graphic & web design projects. My creative voice is to tell visual stories inspired by life, mythology and people.

Over the next few posts I will be showing my artworks from the recent group exhibition: Water Lines.

pen & ink drawing ship detail

A closer look at the illustrations for VIZAĜO playing cards, launched in 2018

pen & ink drawing ship detail

Over the next few posts I will be showing my artworks from the recent group exhibition: Water Lines.

Tall ship moored in Sydney

A post with ink and graphite drawings of ropes, a few portraits and some art noveau architecture

Tall ship moored in Sydney
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