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Annette Abolins - portfolio of works

Hello :) - I am an artist, illustrator and designer, living and working on the East coast of Australia. On this site you can see examples of my work, spanning across traditional and digital media.

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Examples of recent design work can be viewed below. More in portfolio.

Art Pendants

Original art pendants are now available to purchase from my store on Nine Lives.

NEW in 2020: Selection of my Art Pendants available at: Nine Lives Art

Chariot Art Pendant
The Chariot
Temperance Art pendant
Queen of Swords art pendant
Queen of Swords
Nine Lives Blue Spiral art pendant 25mm
Blue Spiral
Spiral artwork and cabochon pendant by Abolina Art
Whale Dreaming artwork and pendant
Whale Dreaming
Tranquillity artwork and cabochon pendant
Rejuvenation ocean inspired artwork and pendant by Abolina Art
Moon Goddess 40mm art pendant in blue hues
Moon Goddess
Sun Goddess art pendant 40mm cabochon
Sun Goddess
Tree of Life in psychedelic colours 40mm cabochon art pendant
Tree of Life
Tree of Life in Summer colours 40mm glass cabochon art pendant
Tree of Life

COVID-19 Cartoons: Combatting Bunkermode & Balancing Escapism

Cartoon update #3In my last post, our avid news addict took some time out from his all-consuming


… a little about me

Annette AbolinsMy artworks are centred on the figurative and emotional aspects of life, which I explore through painting and drawing. To me, art is as much about understanding life and the world around me, as it is about telling stories and making connections.

I studied fine arts and ceramics at the National Art School (Australia) and several art colleges in Sweden. After graduating, I worked in potteries, spent weekends at markets and over time built up my studio, while teaching at Newcastle Art School and exhibiting regularly. My love of traditional art forms, along with a desire to learn and explore, has enabled my work to evolve and incorporate digital art and design.

Working as a professional artist continues to shape my direction on the ever-winding path of creating art. Alongside regular exhibitions, I illustrate cards and work on graphic & web design projects. My creative voice is to tell visual stories inspired by life, mythology and people.

Ink on paper

These pen and ink drawings are inspired by my love of the ever changing ocean and majestically beautiful tall ships, where safe passage is in the hands of the wind, the waves and the deep blue sea.

These pen and ink drawings are inspired by my love of the ocean and ships, no doubt inherited from the many seafaring folk in my family. I am fascinated and drawn to tales of majestically beautiful tall ships and the ever changing oceans, where safe passage is in the hands of the wind, the waves and the deep blue sea.

Crossing - pen and ink drawing by Annette Abolins
Seeking Refuge - Pen and ink - Annette Abolins 2015
Seeking Refuge
At the Helm - pen and ink - Annette Abolins 2015
At the Helm
Learning the Ropes - pen and ink by Annette Abolins
Learning The Ropes
Setting Sail - pen and ink - Annette Abolins 2015
Setting Sail
Fellow Travellers - pen and ink - Annette Abolins 2015
Fellow Travellers
Aloft - pen and ink - Annette Abolins 2015
Garnet Hill - Pen and ink - Annette Abolins
Garnet Hill
Onboard James Craig - pen and ink Annette Abolins
Onboard James Craig
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Discover More

The news section includes work in progress updates, new releases and articles about art & inspiration. You can also read about recent art shows and a little artist background ... or reach out on the contact page, where I am always happy to hear from you!