Every brand is different and has its own unique story to tell, which is why I find designing a new logo (or revamping and bringing new life to an old one) both inspiring and exciting. A logo is often the visual ‘face’ of a business, and forms the basis for consistent branding, with the ability to integrate visual elements and colours in stationery, publications and online platforms.

Redbird Consulting

Colour and character driven design, emphasising the company's focus on creative thinking and strategic insights. The bird symbolises flair and excitement. He began as a pen & ink illustration, which I scanned, reworked and finalised with colour and detail in Illustrator. Business name highlights the colour red, while using contrasting font-weights to achieve a clean, professional look.


This bright eyed orange cat knows the ins and outs of server technology and is eager to be of service. In the highly technical world of server technology it is vital to have equal measure of claws and know-how, when you are the face of a business with more than 20 years experience in the field. A character based logo design allows endless possibilities for use and development, and Tabby is already offering assistance on 404 and search pages on the ServerCat website.

STEAM on Mary

Make coffee time special! Logo design for a fresh and exciting coffee cart business STEAM on Mary - right in the heart of Brisbane, QLD.


Clean and simple logo design for technology business, based on two-tone colour scheme and a swirl in motion.

Musical Logo

Logo design for German composers: Liedergarten. The medallion style symbol is inspired by portraits of composers and reflects Liedergarten's tagline: 'a garden where custom songs grow'. Colour and font style variants provided for usage in a variety of applications.

Simply Green Gardens

Simply Green Gardens, a horticulture business logo based on spiral and leaf symbolising growth. The design incorporates 3 different greens with a lighter tint used in the tagline.

Photographer Signature

Signature concept logo design for ocean photographer, incorporating a hand drawn illustration of a hammerhead shark.

Tree of Compassion

The client wanted a logo bursting with life, kindness, joy and compassion for all living things. The finished design needed to be suitable for printing on t-shirts.

Whale Concept

Hand illustrated blue whale logo, a simple design, where monochromatic versions create variety.

KMHS website Logo

High school logo remodelled in conjunction with website upgrade in 2014. The original logo was vectorised and given a modern approach to font, placement and letter spacing, along with monochromatic versions for use on coloured backgrounds.

Enso Concept

Brush stroke logo based on the Enso symbol, where the circle and space within it form a reflective and meditative space, contrasted by red lettering.

Shield Logo

Shield based logo for home and commercial restoration company.

Kids Cartoon Logo

Colourful logo with hand drawn cartoon characters incorporated into the business name. The design is suited to a range of branding applications including t-shirts, bags, posters...

Gosford Stingrays

T-shirt design for Gosford Stingrays swimming club's 60th birthday. The illustration is focussed on the family friendly emphasis of the club, with a smiling stingray and happy swimmers.

Biker Bunnies

Logo design for a group of happy cycling women. Featured on t-shirts, badges and the blog documenting two-wheel adventures.

Logo for business communication. Based on illustrated talking heads, bold font style and a two colour concept.

Wine Label

Concept for South African Wines, based on the Baobab tree and a red sun setting in the background.

Paper Craft

Concept developed around a custom designed hand-written font to emphasise branding.

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