Filling a new sketchbook is always a treat – especially when you have a project attached to it (with enough freedom to be creative). I recently joined the 2011 Sketchbook Project¬†which involves receiving a sketchbook in the mail, which you then fill with drawings, sketches, collage or anything you like – and then send it back before the end of April next year. The collection of submitted sketchbooks then become part of the Arthouse Co-op Library in Brooklyn. You can also have your sketchbook digitised and included in the limited edition print version – enough carrots to have any avid sketcher sign up on the spot I know…

Beginning of the Sketchbook Project …

My book arrived just before Christmas, and although it’s a tad smaller than I had expected, I’ve warmed to it and am busy drawing along the theme: Every Picture tells a Story. There were a bunch of pre-set themes to choose from & I think the one I chose was called “The Science of Story” – but I’ve changed it a little to feel more inspiring and less ‘scientific’ :)

Below are scans of the¬†pages I’ve done so far:

First page… Sketchbook Project – Annette Abolins
The Queen of Chess wields her power – pen & ink
Count Dracula & his Castle – pen & ink – I did this drawing while listening to my son read Bram Stoker’s Drakula…
Do you see what I see…? – pencil, pen & coloured pencil

Tarot Illustrations

And – while not completely done, I have finished the last 2 drawings in the major arcana of the Tarot Card project. I still have to paint them, but here are the inked versions of Judgement and The World:

tarot illustration by Annette Abolins
Tarot – Judgement – pen & ink
Tarot – The World – pen & ink

Thank you for visiting and take care
Annette :)

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  1. Lost in Space

    Having read Dracula many years ago, I was quite impressed. I also liked The Queen of Chess (though I did feel sorry for the small pawns). Lovely drawings.

  2. Johan Derycke

    Hey Hey great project Annette!
    I think it will result in a nice collection of stories from your part :)

    Hope you had a nice time at Xmas.
    Wishing you lots of whatever you want, and creativity, for the new year!

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