It has been a busy busy time lately, which unfortunately has led to a terrible decline in posts. To remedy this slightly, here’s a little wrap of what’s been happening the last few weeks.

Tarot Project

Nine Lives Tarot are finally alive and kicking after more than 3 years in the creative pipeline. After the exhibition ‘launch’ the cards now have their very own website. I designed the site based on the colour and feel of the Tarot deck; incorporating the swirl featured on the back of each card in the background. Once the design and layout were more or less done I set to work on the meanings:

After working closely with the Tarot on a visual level, I discovered that despite a virtual jungle of information readily available on everything from classic to contemporary Tarot meanings; my cards really needed their own descriptive meanings…This website is all about providing information, meanings and inspiration for reading and interpreting the cards. You can also purchase the cards directly via the site:

Floating in a Dream

This is the start of a pen drawing – I’m hoping to find time to finish her soon :)

Floating in a dream – WIP – pen & ink drawing

End of School Year

I love doing drawings for teachers and coaches as a thank you for the effort they put in to help kids grow. This year has been extra special with my daughter finishing primary school. I will wait before posting any pictures as it would be silly to spoil any surprises ;)

Thanks for visiting

Annette :)

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  1. Diane

    The Tarot Cards were great; it will be interesting to see what new project evolves with the new year.

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