I ordered a couple of ‘prototype’ decks of VIZAĜO to get a proper indication of how this deck will print.  At Make Playing Cards (where I ordered these preview decks) you can order as little as one deck at the time, which is great. Though as MPC use a different (digital) printing process, there will be slight differences compared to the final product to be printed by Legends. Still, seeing all the cards (and tuck boxes) printed, definitely feels like a big step closer to the real thing!

The decks arrived yesterday and I almost hugged the postman! Below are some of the photos, which I hope you’ll enjoy:

First look at VIZAĜO Playing Cards by Annette Abolins
Jack and Ten of Hearts
VIZAĜO Lumino & Lumina side by side
VIZAĜO Lumino Tuck box – outdoor photo shoot
Jack of Hearts and Lumina card back
VIZAĜO Lumina Tuck box – prototype printed by MPC

The images above link to the campaign page, which you can also access from here:

With 9 days left on the campaign this deck is so eager to take the next step and meet the printing presses at Legends Playing Card Co. I’d be thrilled if you share with anyone you think might enjoy this deck – Thank you! :)

All the best,
Annette :)