The Creative Pencil is turning 4 years today

I was thinking, what better way to celebrate this exciting birthday than to have a treasure hunt! This can be in the form of rampant online running, frantic flipping pages, up-ending boxes while following strange clues around the internet… or… it can be achieved with poise, utilising observation skills second-to-none … whichever takes your fancy; as long as it is fun and a bit of an adventure …

The Creative Pencil is lucky to share its birthday with my lovely Grandmother Nina (who would have been 108 this year, and (I am sure) thrilled about the idea of a treasure hunt), and so while I’m relying on cosmic endorsements, I believe it is time to go hunting before the treasure truly disappears.

This Sun-wheel jewellery pendant is hiding somewhere:

It can be yours, if you find it and let me know where it is during the exciting window of opportunity:
24 birthday hours from from midnight through to midnight (Australian EST) 8th April. On my clock, the treasure hunt has just started, so best get ready to go looking!

The way the treasure hunt works is:

  • A mystical being captured the Sun-wheel Pendant a short while ago, and disappeared out my front door….
  • A photo clue can be found if you seek pages here: Illustration Portfolio
  • When you have discovered the missing jewellery, use the form on the Contact Page
  • Let me know the name of the page where you found the jewellery, and who you think the culprit may be…
  • All correct answers sent through in the 24 hour period mentioned above will go in the draw to win the adventurous piece of jewellery!
  • The draw will take place on the 9th of April and winner will be notified promptly :)
  • So hurry, there is no time to waste!

Good Luck!

Annette :)