Posting on the eve of hanging our art group’s upcoming exhibition: Five Colours Blue, which will be on show at The Art House during the coming weeks. After many long hours, late nights, plenty of inspiration and hard work, the artworks are finally ready …

Welcome to the Opening
The Art House, Wyong: Saturday October 12, 2-4pm

Five Colours Blue exhibition Invite 12 Oct 2019

We are five artists, who have been exhibiting together since 2007 and it is always fascinating to see how different interpretations of the same theme come together at each show, through painting, drawing, printmaking, mixed media and digital painting.

artist collage showing 5 artworks
Artworks (detail) by Amanda Donohue, Diane Eklund-Āboliņš, Annette Abolins, Signe Eklund and Helen Mortimer

Five Colours Blue, investigates blue, both as a colour and as a concept. Visually, the word blue conjures up images from the natural world: sky, sea, mountains… while on an abstract level, blue associates and connects with mood, music, and emotions.

Mirroring the multitude of impressions associated with blue, these artworks explore the nuances of colour, line, idea, and form. Some works communicate an interpretation of the natural world or an abstract idea, and others explore and portray the inner world of emotions.

A Sneak Peek …

The artworks I created for this exhibition explore life and emotions. Set in dreamlike ocean scenes this series of detailed pen & ink drawings and digital paintings tell stories,  which together, form a journey through ink and colour. Below are two previews of ‘just framed’ works (slightly veiled by a blue curtain):

sneak peak 2 framed drawings
Two framed pen & ink drawings – behind a curtain of blue hues


sneak peek framed artwork
Framing into the night – Detail of artwork combining ink drawing & digital painting – behind sweeping blue hues

Thank you for visiting,

Annette :)