It has been a busy month – exhibitions, work, and… redesigning websites.
With my tendency to grow bored of a design, I regularly embark on the proverbial website face lift… and the last few weeks have been all about updating my website and illustration portfolio. Driven by my belief that  ‘a change is as good as a holiday’ or possibly that delving into the world of html and css will keep me out of trouble :)

Trends in Web-design

Trends come and go in web design, and with the countless hours I have spent bending by brain to learn how to make things display as intended on a web page, I find it fascinating to look back on some of the recent (and not so recent) trends:

  • The Embossed, bright and flashy look – think bouncing signs and the Flash intro page
  • Navigation menus with roll-over buttons (images with text).
  • Multiple fonts – with a preference for cursive text in obscure typeface…
  • Enough Button styles (embossed and bevelled) to start a flee-market…
  • Rounded corners…. entire websites designed around the idea of having rounded corner backgrounds on (you guessed it) everything!
  • The WHITE trend… a minimalist approach to design (with a lot of white space). 
  • Drop-down menus – horisontal, vertical, fly-out, pop-up, dynamic… each with their individual style
  • Full background images

Now we have slick design, fluid layouts and expandable backgrounds – larger screens and new technology are allowing web-designers to make use of the visual space in a completely different way to what was possible 10 years ago. We also have mobile web-technology, where designing for the small screen is becoming the next big thing…

Although we might look back at previous trends and cringe at how outdated websites from a few years back look, it can be worth remembering that people, design and development are bonded in a constantly evolving conglomeration – where needs and demands (but above all, innovation) are the catalysts for new technology, which allow us to experience the visual online world in an evermore exciting way.

Looking back at my own designs, there are definitely ‘cringe’ moments (how could I think that was cool??), and a few hysterical laughs… but it’s also fun to compare and think, well maybe I have learnt something along the way… (disclaimer: in a year I will no doubt think otherwise about the current look, but that is how things go :)) So here’s a ‘time-line’ of my own website from 2008:

2008 – roll-over navigation and a bright red background
2009 – blue gradient background and a css hover gallery
2010 – new home page, shopping cart and banner
2011 – background image and light-box style image gallery


Annette :)

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  1. Diane

    Yes, I suppose things do change, but that does not always mean that that which has been is no longer of value. I do not feel that you should cringe at something, which, at the time, would have been both acceptable and satisfying. There are so many images and design possibilities; I think that they all have both good points and bad, depending on who is relating to them. I have liked all of your websites/blogs.

  2. Annette

    True, the previous trends have lead to where we are today, which makes them an important part of innovation in design and provide a time-stamp to look back on :) Your last comment is very kind, I fear you are being biased though ;) :) Thank you for visiting and commenting.

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