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Rainy Weekend – perfect for drawing

Below are a few scanned drawings from my sketchbook. The rainy Easter weekend we just had – was perfect for drawing and listening to lots of great music… Jimi Hendrix was one of the musical adventures – he’s an awesome guitarist and it’s almost as if his music is made for drawing to, if that makes sense…  I had a lot of fun with his hair :)

While it’s often hard to finish a drawing of kids (they don’t tend to sit still for very long) I drew my son playing on the computer and actually finished it before he got up… Last there’s a drawing completely from my mad imagination. I do plan to add some colour to these drawings, but for now I’m posting them as they are – straight from the sketchbook.

Line drawing of Jimi Hendrix
Line drawing of Ben playing on the computer
The Wicked Witch from the East takes over my dreams…

Hope you’re all well and thanks for stopping by!
Annette :)


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