A Page is seen as a youthful messenger; a voice speaking for the suit to which he or she belongs. In the drawings (pen & ink), I used key symbols in addition to the suit symbol, as a vehicle for delivering the ‘message’. I have then used colours in the painted version to further bring out the symbolism:

  • Cups – the fish represents emotion, creativity and water, and is closely linked with cups, the heart in the clouds is symbolic of how the page of cups is often the voice of emotions dealing with love, and the feather is symbolic of enlightenment. Blue is seen as the colour of communication – which is good for a messenger…
  • Pentacles – abundance of food, produce from what has grown on the land can symbolise material wealth and a stable home, which is a big part of pentacles.
  • Rods – the rolled up parchment (maybe a map) and newspaper is symbolic of ideas, plans and creative expression, the lizard symbolises vision and renewal, and yellow indicates intelligence, all intrinsic qualities associated with rods.
  • Swords – the raven has been attributed to a large range of symbolic meanings (both dark and light), which to me, makes it a perfect choice for the swords. In old Norse mythology Odin gave an eye for the wisdom of his ravens to see into the future and the past – Dark blue hues run through all the swords as a reminder of the stark lessons of the mind, which belong to this suit.
Four Pages – Cups, Pentacles, Rods & Swords

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  1. Diane

    I like the four cards, but my favourite is the Swords. Your information ‘blurb’ at the beginning was very good. As I have said before, you are doing a great job.

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