If you have followed my Tarot journey from the start (congratulations are in order!), you may know that this project initially began with a symbolic self-portrait-like interpretation of the 22 cards in the Major Arcana. As I drew more cards, my focus moved to a broader interpretation of ‘self’,  while still maintaining a mostly female aspect of my subject(s). Being a woman myself has a lot to do with this, as I see the cards (as a whole) based on different aspects of the same subject.

However, there are a number of cards which do beg to be drawn from a male aspect; these can be seen as a male aspect of ‘self’ or represent as an actual person… Amongst these are the Knights … I enjoyed drawing my knights, and found myself being swept away by pen and ink as they took form. The Knights in the four suits of the Tarot fiercely proclaim and defend their suit: armoured to protect, serve and fight for what they know to be true, with chivalry, honour and pride sounding their approach … and who does not want a knight in shining armour? :)

  • Knight of Cups -water and fish are symbolic of emotions dealing with the heart, which this young knight protects using his perception and intuition.
  • Knight of Pentacles – as this suit deals with material wealth and stability, the knight stands guard at the gates of the castle (or home), making sure that nothing enters, which could rock the realm.
  • Knight of Rods – a proud and opinionated man with flare and creative exuberance – the lizard on his banner symbolises creativity and renewal, whilst yellow suggests a clever intellect.
  • Knight of Swords – more of a lone ranger this knight has wisdom and insight into matters of the mind, he stands alone with his raven to protect the truth.
Knights – painting in progress

Annette :)

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  1. Annette

    A tourney in your name, where the winner earns the right to defend you! It is hard to place a bet, but somehow I think the knight of rods will prevail :)

  2. Diane

    Oh, I do like the Knight of Rods! He’s so sweet… I also like the Knight of Swords. The other two are gorgeous as well – I am overwhelmed by choice: which one will I choose to defend me?

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