Here is a short post with the next 4 cards in my Tarot series: the number 3 card in each suit of the minor arcana. I am busy painting the next four cards, and plan to show more of the drawing process in my next post.

Brief meaning of the number 3 cards in each suit:

  • III Cups – Celebration, joy and friendship
  • III Rods – Exploring the unknown, seeking new horizons, assuming responsibility
  • III Pentacles – Apprenticeship – the sincere effort to develop creative talents
  • III Swords – Broken heart, tears and sorrow, emotional upheaval, disappointment
work in progress – tarot illustrations #3 cards

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Annette :)

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  1. Annette

    Thank you, you’re very kind :)

  2. Diane

    You have captured the meaning of the cards particularly well. Beautiful images.

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