This time of the year is like a kaleidoscope of bright colours!

Outdoors we have the sun, blue skies and a zillion shades of green splashed across the scenery; on trees, grass, leaves and bushes. The ocean treats us to every shade of blue, green, grey, violet and even black (at night) … Everywhere you look there is colour: Trees indoors with bright baubles, coloured lights, tinsel, stars, garlands, colourful paper, shop displays with everything from fruit to soaps … and all those delightful home-made decorations that make you go aahhhh …

Aren’t crocheted beanies a little too hot to wear in Summer?

This post is a bit like some of those home-made decorations… they may not look Christmassy, but they somehow belong in the hustle and bustle of things that inspire or put a smile on our day :)

crocheted bag and beanie
Purple and Green crocheted bag and beanie …

My grandmother Nina taught me to crochet when I was a kid – She would show me one type of chain, and then another, and then how to go round in circles… Her own work was beautifully intricate, yet she was always so encouraging of my attempts at making wonky scarves, coasters and hats for my little trolls, that I will always associate crocheting with fun, happy conversations and plenty of colour.

handbag crocheted with pouch for phone
This is the bag I take everywhere – it holds a surprising number of pens and other things I cart around…

Making a bag is a way of creating space for treasured things … big things, little things. Have you ever noticed how easy it is to fill a bag (no matter how big it is)?

Crocheted wallets
Crocheted wallets with zipper to keep things safe inside
crocheted bag
Bag with stripes and flowers …
soft bags for keeping Tarot decks
Crocheted soft bags for keeping Tarot cards

And… with the risk of seeming a little mad, here’s a crocheted cover for my sketchbook and a pouch for keeping drawing pens :)

Sketchbook cover and pen wallet
Even sketchbooks and pens like to keep cosy …

Hoping you’re all having a bright and colourful beginning of the holiday season :)

Annette :)

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  1. Diane

    I love all the things you crochet: they are so colourful and happy. They certainly do ‘put a smile’ on faces and turn every day into something sunny and beautiful. Thank you.

    1. Annette

      Thank you, you’re ever so kind :)

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