As I wish you all a happy start to the new year, it is also time to introduce the two Jokers in my upcoming deck of playing cards. Representing fun, surprise, and endless possibilities, the Joker has a way of inspiring many ideas and different directions … In Nine Lives Playing Cards , the jokers became the signature cards; displaying the logo and ‘portraits’ of both artist and cat.

For Vizaĝo I wanted the Jokers to be full of fun, while continuing the theme of faces:

The happy Jokers

Vizaĝo – The red Joker

The ‘red’ Joker has its name written in red … and incorporates colours from the suits of hearts and diamonds.

Vizaĝo – The black Joker

The ‘black’ Joker incorporates colours from the suits of clubs and spades.

Together, the pair promise plenty of fun and games :)

Vizaĝo – Two Jokers side by side

Thank you for visiting and take care!
Annette :)

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  1. Diane

    They are both great.
    I suppose they complete the deck, or are there more surprises in store?

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