Continuing my tarot journey

Here are two more cards in my tarot series. I find it interesting how drawing each card tends to put me in the mood of the card I’m working on, which makes some of the cards in the series easier to spend time with than others (perhaps that’s not really strange after all…). I accidentally (or sub-consciously) skipped the hermit and drew the hanged (wo)man instead a while back.., although once I started on the card I found it quite a peaceful image to draw.

The Hermit – Painted (work in progress
The Wheel of Fortune – Painted (work in progress)
Line drawing for The Wheel of Fortune

Stay well take care & thanks for visiting!

Annette :)

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  1. Lost in Space

    Sorry, I have been a bit tardy with my comments; however, I really like what you are doing. Is it confronting having yourself as the main character?

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