I ended up drawing The Hanged Man instead of The Hermit (which is the card that comes after Strength)…
I always get these two cards mixed up in order…  To me, the three cards: Fool, Hanged man (or woman :) ) and Hermit – all represent ages of the soul, which is probably why I end up trying to put the hanged man in the middle.

The Hanged Man (or Woman)

The Hanged (wo)Man – represents sacrifice for a noble cause and also spiritual awareness.. Hanging upside down does give you an opportunity to see things from a different perspective… I drew her as a joker (I believe they are pretty good at standing on their heads…), and with the scenic background I wanted the card to say that whatever you gave up to hang upside down; it was definitely worth it.

Scanned drawing from sketchbook
The Hanged Man – Painted (work in progress)

I know I said I’d go into more detail about the process of drawing each card – I hope to do that in my next post. Off to draw the Hermit – and hope you’re all well :)

Annette :)

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  1. Lost in Space

    I liked your explanation of why you turned the figure upside down. All the cards are beautifully thought through and executed.

  2. Annette

    Thank you again Lost in Space :)
    Maths isn’t my strongest side, though I think I’m about half-way through the major arcana… now there’s a little voice in the back of my head saying: oh wouldn’t it be fun to do the whole deck :D

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