Today has been another day of painting tarot cards … :)

During winter, my workshop is at least 10 degrees colder than the rest of the house  (when I’m in the mood for exaggerations, it’s closer to 20), but once wrapped up in layers I tend to forget about the cold and lose myself in the painting.

Pentacles – closing out the minor arcana cards in this suit, I have drawn on symbols which illustrate higher vision and awareness (the falcons), material stability, strong foundations and realised wealth.

Rods – this suit takes us on a spiritual and creative journey,  9 & 10 are at the end of the journey and carry the experience and spiritual awareness from all the previous cards. The bandages worn by the creative warrior symbolise that the lessons learnt along the way have not been easy (yet he/she is still standing tall and will march on). In number 10, she carries spiritual gems in her backpack – these will help her look up and see the end of the road, which will give her respite from the burden of life lessons she’s carrying.

Pentacles and Rods – work in progress #9 and #10

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Annette :)

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  1. Diane

    They are all beautiful; you have created such a wonderful world…

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