These two cards bring me to the end of the minor arcana in the suite of cups. Following these will be the four voices of the Royal cards, which I have chosen to put in a group of their own (at least as far as my drawing and thought process go).

9 of Cups

A happy, confident woman reclines on a colourful couch, indulging in the fruits of her journey. She has reached a point where she is aware of her place in the world and her self. The criss-cross pattern on her jacket are symbolic of the obstacles she has conquered along the way.

10 of Cups

This card symbolises a time for joyful reflection and harmony, seeing the joys of the moment and appreciating the journey to get to this point. A family is a journey in itself and children represent hope, new beginnings and a fresh view on the world.

Annette :)

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  1. Diane

    You have definitely captured the feeling of joy. Your head must be bursting with all these wonderful images and ideas. You are so smart to be able to capture them all on paper.

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