Time for some more ink drawings :)

Drawings from the James Craig

I want to do more detailed drawings of this beautiful ship … these sketches are, for me, the perfect way to play around with pen strokes, while getting more of a feel for the intricate detail found in every nook and cranny…

detail ink drawing - ropes
Pen & ink sketch of ropes on the James Craig
pen & ink drawing ship detail
Side railing meets wooden deck – pen & ink

Playing around with graphite and ink

It’s not a good self portrait, in fact I find it a bit hysterical… However, I had fun using the graphite wash and inking over the top, so decided this quick sketch can feature as an experiment with mediums … and a contrast to more ‘serious’ self portraits ;)

graphite wash and pen and ink portrait
Graphite wash and Pen & ink – a non-serious self portrait

Another drawing of Viggo

This pen & ink sketch is of Viggo Mortensen as Nikolai in the movie ‘Eastern Promises’. Over the years I have done a number of drawings of Viggo (mainly as Aragorn) … While I don’t mean to stalk the poor guy, I do find it ever so interesting to discover new things in a face each time I attempt to capture likeness through pen and ink (or any medium).

Pen and ink drawing Viggo
Viggo Mortensen as Nikolai Luzhin – Eastern Promises – Pen & ink drawing

Art Nouveau architecture in Riga

Riga is home to some of the most stunning and beautiful Art Nouveau buildings in the world. Inspiring architecture where mythology and beauty reside together on a truly majestic scale. The precious family connection I have with Latvia definitely inspires me to try and capture some of the gorgeous lines in these buildings :)

Pen and ink drawing of building in Riga
Pen & ink drawing – detail from a building on Alberta Iela in Riga, Latvia

Thank you for visiting and take care!

Annette :)

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  1. Diane

    What a delightful mixture of sketches and drawings. Although they are all lovely, I especially like the sketch from Riga, and, as you already know, I love your rope drawings. I am looking forward to seeing many more beautiful ship drawings. Thank you so very much for sharing these.

    1. Annette

      Thank you ever so much :)

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