Our exhibition opened on Saturday at The Studio Gallery in Gosford – with artworks by: Diane Eklund-Abolins, Helen Mortimer, Amanda Donohue and myself.  After months of working intensely on finishing the art; it was almost strange to step back and just enjoy the show.

Ebb & Flow opening at the Studio Gallery – Gosford Regional Gallery

It was a busy opening with a lot of people milling through the exhibition. I had some great conversations and we received wonderful feedback from many of our visitors. One little girl wanted to go to the park (or so she was telling her parents), but forgot all about that mission when she spotted a cat in one of my paintings.

In addition to the artwork, there was wine, juice, and nibblies, and an eclectic mix of soul, jazz and trance playing in the background – seamlessly served up by Amanda’s husband.  Since the opening, we have had lot of people visiting through the week as well. It truly has been great to see so many come to see the show.
Thank you to all of you, and for all the great comments! 

Ebb & Flow exhibition – Diane’s work
Ebb & Flow exhibition – me, and some of my work …

Exhibition dates: 15th – 24th November (this Sunday)

The show is open until the end of this weekend (Sunday 4pm), so if you are out and about on the Central Coast on the weekend, do pop in and have a look!

Annette :)


Art to me, is as much about understanding life and its mysteries, as it is about telling stories to connect with the world ...

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  1. Annette

    Thank you so much Belinda! It was great seeing you at the opening and all-round it’s been a great experience :) xx

  2. Avatar

    Annette, the exhibition is fantastic! I was truly amazed when I saw your brilliant tarot work; you’re so talented! I don’t think I’d seen digital art up close & personal before, so was really impressed :) I also loved the work of your co-exhibitors – all beautiful and all beautifully presented. WELL worth a visit. Belinda XX

  3. Avatar

    Thanks, Annette. The photos capture the space perfectly. It has been a wonderful experience exhibiting with you, Helen and Amanda; hopefully, there will be many more such experiences.

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