My mother writes books, over the years she has published several books and collected poems, she also writes regular reviews about the many different books she reads … Wielding a pen or keyboard to tell a story is something I admire and find worthy of celebration, and it has been an honour for me to design the covers for her two latest books.

45 Days – Walking the Bibbulmun Track

The book describes the 45 day walk from Albany to Perth in Western Australia, which my mother and youngest brother did in 2005. Anyone who enjoys hiking, long (or short) walks, or the great outdoors – is bound to be inspired by the 45 Days they spent on foot.

Book cover design Annette Abolins Cover Design by Annette Abolins

I find Book covers fascinating things, with their endless ways of visually describing what the pages within hold … As a designer, you want to provide readers with a picture that rings true to the content, while inviting new readers to pick up the book with the desire to find out more.

In designing the cover for 45 Days, the length of the walk along with the beauty of bushland and ocean views took centre stage. The track on the cover cannot hope to illustrate the full 1,000 kilometres, though as it disappears off into the wilderness, I’m hoping it conveys a sense of distance and a curiosity of what lies beyond the horizon…

45 Days: Walking the Bibbulmun Track by Diane Eklund-Abolins – is available here


5th Aeclectic Tarot Collaborative Deck – eBook Cover

Artists from all walks of life and corners of the planet came together to create this collaborative tarot deck. The meanings, artworks, descriptions and other information about the deck accompanies the deck in the form of an eBook, which I collated and also designed the cover for. With 78 cards by many different artists, I wanted the cover to provide a representation of the entire deck:

design by Annette Abolins


Nurtured Earth Organics – Celebrates 1 year

Ongoing changes and updates aren’t always worth ‘writing home’ about… But as Nurtured Earth Organics reaches the big milestone of one year online – it was time for a slightly new look to mark the occasion:

Web design by Abolina Art

The site is wider and features easier navigation that goes along with you as you browse the 350+ products on the site. The top banner and buttons have been given a fresh look, and there is also a new feature allowing you to pack your own box of goodies.
Visit where Janine and Sonia will welcome you through the door :)


The PCF Deck Design Competition and Poker size Playing Cards

Finally, a little update on what’s been happening in the world of playing cards.

After a busy month, the design for the poker size version of Nine Lives Playing cards is finished (it was a busy month). Below are previews of the deck, which I have now entered in the 2nd Annual PCF competition:

Nine Lives Playing Cards - poker size deck 2015 Kings and Ace of Spades from Nine Lives Playing Cards - poker size Back design for Nine Lives Playing Cards by Annette Abolins

Voting takes place on 12-19 August (04:00 UTC)


Thank you for visiting

Annette :)

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  1. Diane

    As always, a fantastic post. Your design work is beautiful – I hope your deck is selected in the deck design competition; I will be crossing all my fingers and toes.

    1. Annette

      Thank you for visiting and for those crossed fingers and toes :)

  2. Johan

    Wow you’ve been busy indeed, Annette!
    Busy is good :)

    That card deck looks pretty good and you’re presenting it so very nicely.
    Good luck!

    1. Annette

      Thanks Johan :) Glad you like and nice to have you visit :)

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