Hello all :)

Here’s card 6 (number 5) on my tarot journey… The Hierophant.
Scanned drawing from sketchbook
The Hierophant – Painted (work in progress)

After the last high-flying royal cards (Empress, Emperor and Hierophant (which in some decks is referred to as The Pope…)), I think it’s time to come back to earth for a bit :)

Take care

Annette :)

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  1. Lost in Space

    My goodness! You are flying along! I do like this one – it has an ‘otherness’ about it.

  2. Lost in Space

    You are definitely bouncing along. I DO like this one – it has a ‘other world’ quality.

  3. Annette

    Thank you Lost in Space and Alli :) I’m definitely loving the artistic freedom in this project… It’s ever so kind and encouraging of you to stop by and comment *happy waves*

  4. Alli

    A female pope! Now that’s revolutionary!I like :D

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