A quick update with my latest Tarot cards… the five of cups, pentacles and swords.

When drawing the cards I find it interesting how they connect together in so many different ways: through suits, numbers and symbols. The entire deck can be seen as an archetypal, symbolic and pictorial journey through a person’s life, where each card is linked together by an invisible time-line and a subtle cause and effect system… Drawing the cards is a journey of its own, where I find myself submersed in the meaning of each card as I draw it…

The meaning of number 5 cards (in brief):
  • 5 of Rods (in previous post) – fiery creativity and heated debate, voicing opinions
  • 5 of Cups – looking back on missed opportunities, regrets – but there is hope
  • 5 of Pentacles – path through hardship with faith (of some description) serving as a guidance
  • 5 of Swords – victory by surrender, meeting challenge and realising goals and beliefs

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Art to me, is as much about understanding life and its mysteries, as it is about telling stories to connect with the world ...

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    They are all wonderful, and I love your comments. They DO look good without the border.

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