Days have literally flown and my Kickstarter campaign is now at the halfway mark with 15 days left to raise enough funds to print VIZAĜO.  It feels pretty special to be 55% funded with more than 150 fantastic supporters on board – I really hope the momentum will get this deck across the line, as I would love to see each and everyone of you with a deck of VIZAĜO in your hand!VIZAĜO Playing Cards by Abolina Art

The Campaign Tree

On Kickstarter a campaign can be likened to tree with lots of branches. First, there’s the main funding goal ‘the tree trunk’ – which is minimum needed to make whatever you are raising funds for … Stretch goals are like ‘branches’ (these are goals that extend beyond the funding goal and become ‘unlocked’ if reached, often adding extra features to a product or unlocking a new version) … Finally, many projects also include additional items ‘leaves’, which supporters can add to their pledge.

New Add-ons – focussing on the Artwork

Art Prints

Printed on archival quality photographic paper, these signed art prints will look great for many (many) years to come.

VIZAĜO Art Prints - courts and aces

Now also available: Royal VIZAĜO Art Print, featuring all 12 court characters in upright position, framed by the banner colour of their house:

Royal VIZAĜO Art Print by Abolina Art

King of Hearts - framing suggestion for art print

Postcard pack

These premium cards are nicely sized at 5 x 7″ – giving room for the artwork to shine. Each pack includes 20 cards (12 courts, 4 aces, 2 jokers and both back designs). 

Add-on - VIZAĜO Postcard Pack

and first look at the back design, which features a collage of the 12 courts:

I hope you feel inspired to visit the campaign and to spread the word!

VIZAĜO Playing Cards by Abolina Art

Thanks for looking and all the best,

Annette :)