One side-effect of watching re-runs of Doctor Who … is that these wonderfully enticing stories have a tendency to draw you in and spit you out in a galaxy where anything might happen… Suddenly it becomes blatantly obvious that a TARDIS is exactly what you need (or so my son told me) :) The TARDIS (which stands for: Time And Relative Dimension In Space) on his door could completely live up to the “It’s bigger on the inside” – and be a novel change to the previous door sign: “Cleaning in progress – do not enter” (which had been sitting on his door for the past month!).

So I found a photo of the time-travelling blue box, taped 3 large thick pieces of paper together – and got stuck into painting my first TARDIS. I used acrylic paint (quick drying) and put a coat of glossy varnish over the top when it was finished. This was a quick but thoroughly enjoyable painting project.

TARDIS – acrylic paint on thick paper (card)

The best part was seeing Ben’s face when the blue box was mounted on his door :)

Thank you for visiting and happy time-travelling!

Annette :)


Art to me, is as much about understanding life and its mysteries, as it is about telling stories to connect with the world ...

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    I have seen it; I have walked through it! I can assure everyone out there, it IS much bigger on the inside.

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