Here are two faces from my latest adventures with pencil and paper. I really enjoy drawing people, there is something almost hypnotic and very relaxing about staring at a face (perhaps not a good idea on trains or buses… but still :)),¬†and trying to capture those little details that makes a drawing look like the person. Going back and re-drawing a face (as with both these guys) is fascinating too… there really isn’t a limit to how many times you can draw the same person¬†(think of artist’s who focus entirely on self-portraits) because there is always something new to explore, and I suppose there’s the aim that each drawing will be an improvement on the previous one…

Pencil drawing of Bo
Pencil & charcoal drawing of David Tennant (THE Doctor ;))

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Annette :)

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  1. Diane

    They are both fantastic! I haven’t met David Tennant, but from what I have seen of him on television, I would say that you have definitely ‘caught’ him – in the same way that you have definitely ‘caught’ Bo. And, yes, I would agree, there are many, many perspectives to any one person. Congratulations.

  2. Annette

    Thank you ever so much :) We’re in Dr Who mode at the moment with the David Tennant reruns – very inspiring, and yes he would be a fascinating person to meet I’m sure :)

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