Welcome to this very first post :)
I aim to use this space a bit like an online visual diary, over time I hope to fill it with work in progress and ideas. In the meantime you can view my work in the portfolio and gallery section.

Ideas can often appear a bit like a strike of lightning… for some unknown reason imagination tends to run especially wild when I’m on bike rides with my friend Amanda… Maybe we have this synced way of looking at the world through silly glasses… :)

So in this first post I thought I’d share¬†the drawings I did based on a (wild and) imaginative story we conjured up as we rode around the back of Somersby…


On this fine morning we rode along a country road, when suddenly we spot 3 men standing out in the middle of nowhere, beside a lake, next to a car… Obviously (with help from our imagination) something shady was going on; in no time we’d conjured up a drug-deal gone wrong (under-belly style) with the two heavies taking the dealer out to a quiet country place to finish him off…

Now.. imagination needs some drama and involvement, and seeing as we’d made ourselves as ‘witnesses’ in this shady ordeal; naturally the ‘bad guys’ would come after us… They manage to capture Amanda (who knows what I was doing at the time…) and drag her off into the sunset.


With Amanda tied up in a warehouse somewhere (in the middle of nowhere), and the baddies trying to extract information from her terrified soul… I (somehow) come to the rescue and throw a bunch of water bottles at the mafiosos, putting an end to their bike-equipment torture regime.

All though far from reality, stories like this produce ample ideas for drawings. If you laugh or smile then it proves you’re as silly as we are, if you shake your head – my only defence is: you had to be there :)

Stay well :)

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  1. Lost in Space

    I LOVE your site! And it is great having it connected to a blog. Congratulations! All very inspiring and colourful, with much movement.

  2. Soul Temple

    Hey Babe,
    I have always enjoyed your stories no matter how extraordinarily fabricated they are. We have shared many amazing experiences, add your imagination and we may be in trouble :) but do it anyway… Life is for living xxx

  3. Annette

    Owwww Thanks David, such kind words :) I feel inspired to keep this space alive with encouragement from you guys!

  4. Annette

    Lost in Space and Soul Temple :) Thank you so much both of you for commenting :) it’s a treat to have special visitors like you!

  5. Anonymous

    Hi Annette,
    So cool. Imagination and creativity come together and dance to the music of life through your work.


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