During the last 2 months I have been working on my 2013 Sketchbook Project. The Art House Co-op provide a bunch of themes – but you can also make up your own, which is what I ended up doing in the end :)

I named my Sketchbook “Do You See What I See?” – The drawings evolve around the theme of looking at something familiar, but seeing something slightly or completely different – perhaps a face, figures, animals or an abstract pattern… It was a busy but also very inspiring journey to get the Sketchbook finished and sent by the deadline date (actually ON the very last day…). Before I sent the book, I scanned all the pages & have included them in this post:

Cover – Sketchbook Project 2013
Title Page & Reference images – This page shows some of the reference images I used when working on my 2013 sketchbook
Tree Lovers – Lovers in the bare branches of a tree. Pen & ink drawing
Guardian of the Forest – pencil and ink

Pen, ink & pencil drawing inspired by a big rock near the bush, which appeared to be guarding the trees behind.

Tree Child – Out in the bush I found a tree, and in the tree there was a tree child…  Pencil & graphite.
Fed Up Tree – graphite and ink

Bike-riding up a busy road near home, I saw this tree making a stand against the pollution from all the cars and trucks…

Squiggly Self – In the mirror I see a collection of thoughts, ideas, hopes and dreams… Pencil & ink
Cat Self – A self portrait with an alter ego of sorts…
Do You See What I See? – If what was on the inside showed on the outside… Pen & pencil drawing.
Awe in Space – Pen & ink drawing of the moon…

We look up into space with awe, I imagine that the moon looks upon its surroundings with awe as well :)

Tree People – Pen & Ink drawing inspired by a Squiggly Gum tree.
She Kissed the Sea – In a photo of the shoreline, I see this lady kissing the ocean. Pen & ink.
Woman in Curves – There’s a curvy road, and in the middle there’s a woman dancing… Pen & coloured pencil.
Ssssnake Greetings – Inspired by a tree in the Botanical Gardens that looked very much like a flamboyant snake.
Visual Metaphors – Based on the visual images conjured by sayings I’ve grown up with.
Connection – Pencil drawing inspired by Marina Abramovic’s exhibition: ‘The Artist is Present’
In Our Hands

Inspired by a photo I took, where a game of hands ended up forming the shape of Australia… In Our Hands, implies that the future of our country (and world),  lies in our hands.

The Wise Tree Watches as Life uncoils – Pen & pencil drawing inspired by a tree I saw watching over the bush.
Reference images, last page in sketchbook

The reference images on this page were part of the inspiration for my 2013 sketchbook.

Thanks for visiting and take care
Annette :)

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  1. Johan Derycke

    Great stuff, Annette!

    I found out I was too late to join this project about a month ago so I subscribed myself to get noticed when the next project starts.

    I’ve recently started to keep a sketchbook again (actually, it’s filling up the half full sketchbooks I found when moving a while ago).
    This sketchbook project seems really fun to be part of.

  2. Diane

    What an amazing job you have done! I do like the idea behind it – seeing things differently. After all, that’s the way it is, isn’t it? No two people see the same thing in the same way, and the more we push our imagination, the greater the difference.Congratulations! Also, it was interesting seeing the original images; it gave more weight to the ‘jump’ between the real and the imagined.

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