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Sometimes I wonder how other artists’ characters develop over time… do they sit on the desk and talk to the artist; telling him or her to give them more distinct features (make my nose bigger, come on.. green hair is just so yesterday… and so on), or do they put forward ‘adventure requests’ and jump up and down when they get put in a story they don’t like? Do characters drawn by different artists get together and compare notes at any time? I’d love to know :)

What started out as a funny picture in my head about a dragon and a boy… now has me listening to the pair of them (dragon being the noisiest of the two…) on an almost daily basis; believe me – they have lots of ideas!

I did another illustration of the dragon and boy today – pen & ink, which I’ve scanned and coloured:

The original pen & ink drawing
My imaginary friend – coloured version

Until next post – take care :)

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  1. Lost in Space

    Yes, I think they put in special requests and, if the story/illustrations are not developing according to the special needs and wants of the characters concerned, they simply put their feet down (and, in the case of the dragon, this can probably make quite a large noise!). I do love your drawings and it is a lovely little story.

  2. Annette

    It is funny how some are more demanding than others… Take the dazed and confused bumblebee; she hasn’t really made any fuss at all – though now that the dragon is making so much noise, she’s quietly humming about some shopping trip to the city :P Thank you :)

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