One should try one’s best to not throw the baby out with the bathwater… however, at times attention may be temporarily diverted for a split second, where it suddenly seems as though the proverbial baby is sailing past the window waving

The Creative Pencil is my blogging baby (in terms of being a space for my art and ideas), yet in the last few months, I appear to have neglected this baby while attending to the launching of my Tarot cards

Yet, fear not, there will be no baby throwing around here; bath-bubbles have come to the rescue with all the flurry of an online facelift just in time to celebrate The Creative Pencil’s 4th birthday!

This isn’t a big update, more a wave from the bath to say ‘back with more soon’ – while I think up a fitting birthday celebration :)

Update on Floating in a Dream – pen & ink drawing
Cartoons for kids’ swimming coaches – pen & ink and digital painting


Annette :)


Art to me, is as much about understanding life and its mysteries, as it is about telling stories to connect with the world ...

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    Oh, I’m so glad that the baby was not thrown out with the bathwater; that would have been dreadful! Lovely to see that this site is still in operation, though I do understand you – it IS difficult keeping up with everything. Will be looking forward to more fantastic posts.

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