What does a number really mean?

When looking at numerology and a range of other deciphering tools (including religions),the number 7 is said to be connected with spirituality, thinking, analysing, solitary reflection and searching for inner truth. This soul-searching, solitary nature is apparent in the seventh cards in the minor arcana of the tarot as well:

  • VII Cups – This card talks about dreams, illusions and choices. Diversity and hidden truths where we need to be in touch with our inner self to see the true meaning.
  • VII – Pentacles – The seven of Pentacles is symbolic of ‘reaping the rewards’ for hard work put in. It is also a time for reflection allowing us to take stock of and re-evaluate before moving forward.
  • VII Rods – This card follows on (as all the cards do) from the previous card; where the tendency to be slightly ‘on the high horse with limited vision’, is manifested here by the need to ‘justify’ and defend one’s position, straddling the fine line between defence and defiance.
  • VII Swords – This card often depicts a joker or some kind of trickster, indicating that all is not what it seems. It can carry a warning of unexpected delays or change of plans; the way forward asking you to ┬ábe innovative, yet clear about choices and to look carefully at a situation.
A frustrating glitch in technology …

While painting the Sword card, I had an unexpected blue-screen experience (they tend not to be expected), which basically meant that the computer shut down and restarted without asking if I wanted to save (ouch!)… Luckily I had saved some of the work, so even though I had to redo a fair bit of the painting, I didn’t have to start over completely… Once I calmed down, I thought it was quite uncanny that it happened on that card (of all cards)... ;). The ongoing lesson is that you can never overdo the save command while working in Photoshop.

Number 7 – cups, pentacles, rods and swords


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