Here’s the finished illustration of the dragon and the boy:

Dragon meets Boy – story to be continued …

My daughter was reading to me from Harry Potter yesterday, and while listening to the very exciting story, I did a pen sketch of her sitting on the lounge (you may think she spends a lot of time on the lounge; truly she doesn’t :D – but I will happily grab any opportunity to draw my children when they are ‘semi-still’).

So.. here’s the sketch – scanned from my sketchbook (it’s one of my favourite sketchbooks – each page opens ‘flat’¬†allowing¬†you to draw across both sides):

And here’s what she looks like after painting the scanned drawing in Photoshop:

Amanda reading Harry Potter on the Rainbow Lounge

Take care :)

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  1. Johan Derycke

    How cute!
    How old is she?

  2. Annette

    Thanks for popping in Johan :) She’s just turned 8 – and according to her; being eight is great :)

  3. Lost in Space

    A very good likeness!

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