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Painting, Illustration & Design by Annette Abolins

Hello :) I am an artist, illustrator and designer – working across the span of traditional and digital media. Formal art training and professional experience have shaped my direction and expressive style on the ever-winding path of being an artist. My artworks are exhibited regularly, I also illustrate and publish cards (tarot & playing cards) and work on graphic & web design projects. Visual art has given me a creative voice to explore the world and tell stories inspired by life, mythology and people ...

I wish you a most enjoyable visit!   Annette :)

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Portrait paintings by Annette Abolins
Illustratons: Playing card artwork for VIZAĜO | The Empress | Artistic Journey – Annette Abolins

Portrait paintings by Annette Abolins
Portraits in oil: Self | Nina | Mum (90 x 90cm) – Annette Abolins

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