Tarot – Pentacles & Rods

Today has been another day of painting tarot cards ... :) During winter, my workshop is at least 10 degrees colder than the rest of the house  (when I'm in the…

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Tarot minor arcana – Cups 9 & 10

These two cards bring me to the end of the minor arcana in the suite of cups. Following these will be the four voices of the Royal cards, which I…

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Friday line-drawing of kids

With school holidays prompting a slight break from the Tarot project, it's been nice to spend some sunny hours drawing with the kids at the kitchen table :)  Today I…

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Drawing Robert Downey Jr
Robert Downey Jr as Sherlock - pen & ink drawing

Drawing Robert Downey Jr

I love the Sherlock Holmes movies with Robert Downey Jr. They're a real treat to watch with great actors and fast paced stories told with plenty of humour, fabulous music…

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Number 7 – Tarot minor Arcana

What does a number really mean? When looking at numerology and a range of other deciphering tools (including religions),the number 7 is said to be connected with spirituality, thinking, analysing,…

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T-shirt, Flowers and Tarot

Tattoo - T-shirt A tattoo challenge on RedBubble had me inspired to slightly redesign 'sea sisters' and enter it in the competition. The brief was to 'design a tattoo even…

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Tarot minor arcana #3 in each suit

Here is a short post with the next 4 cards in my Tarot series: the number 3 card in each suit of the minor arcana. I am busy painting the…

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Drawing with Rapidograph pens

I thought I'd post the first two drawings done with my new rOtring Rapidograph pens - you can read more about them (and what technical drawing pens are) in this…

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rOtring Rapidograph Pens

Technical drawing pens were originally developed for architects and engineers (for precision and all that jazz to do with rulers, compasses and drawing straight predictable lines), though today they are…

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Drawing Robert de Niro

Continuing on pen & ink drawings - I ventured down Godfather lane and drew this portrait of Robert de Niro playing Vito Corleone in the second movie: Original Pen &…

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Drawing Nicolas Cage
Nicholas Cage - pen & ink drawing

Drawing Nicolas Cage

Gone in 60 Seconds (the 2000 remake), is an action movie about a retired master car thief who has to steal 50 cars with his crew in one night to save…

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Out and About

It's school holidays and we've been lucky to have quite a few sunny autumn days... perfect for doing quick sketches while out and about with the kids :) On a…

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