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Looking back at the Illustration Process

While I am eager and most excited to complete the final stages of VIZAĜO, a slight problem with a broken finger has forced me to be patient for a few weeks, something I struggle with on the best of days… Yet attempting to clamber up rocks on a bushwalk was so hilariously silly that I’m just going to […]

Revisions and Updates to New Playing Cards

The design process invariably includes revisions and changes – and in this update I want to share the latest tweaks to the new playing cards I’m working on. I’ve been posting updates of the progress of the cards on the Playing Card Forum where I received some great feedback about extending the background. Once pointed out, I could see […]

Drawing the Tarot – Four Knights to the Rescue

If you have followed my Tarot journey from the start (congratulations are in order!), you may know that this project initially began with a symbolic self-portrait-like interpretation of the 22 cards in the Major Arcana. As I drew more cards, my focus moved to a broader interpretation of ‘self’,  while still maintaining a mostly female […]

Drawing the Tarot – Meet the Pages

A Page is seen as a youthful messenger; a voice speaking for the suit to which he or she belongs. In the drawings (pen & ink), I used key symbols in addition to the suit symbol, as a vehicle for delivering the ‘message’. I have then used colours in the painted version to further bring […]